Friday, December 5, 2008

Rules for successful RV living

To give you all a better idea of some RV life survival techniques we’ve had, we have posted some of the “rules” we came up with over time…

No running in the motor home (where would you run to, anyway?)
We have a bathroom fan, use it if necessary (you know what I mean if you’ve ever lived in an RV!)
No singing in the MH unless we are all singing together
One person in the bathroom at a time, 2 if it’s an emergency
No changing clothes in the bathroom, we are all girls except Dad
While driving, only 2 people make their meals at a time (too squishy w/o the slide out)
If you wake up first, read a book quietly, and don’t start tickling your sister!
If someone is in a bad mood, they are outside alone (unless we are driving, of course)
If someone is in a bad mood and we are driving, it’s either the bathroom or the back bedroom for them!
Rotating “seating chart” for the “best seat” in the RV
Kid engineered rotating “sleeping chart” for the better beds
Mandatory outside time for kids as deemed appropriate by parents
Date nights (occasionally known as sanity breaks) for parents – absolutely required!
Oh, and most importantly, make sure the sewer hose is thoroughly attached when dumping the black tank!

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Anonymous said...

I liked the last one the best! Hilariousness ensues if you do forget.