Saturday, December 6, 2008

The last chapter of the book

Have you ever felt like you loved a book so much you didn’t want to finish it? And, when you get to the last chapter you have a sort of sinking feeling knowing that it's almost over? That’s how I’ve felt the last couple weeks of our trip. It’s been so good I don’t want to finish it. But, today when I saw the sign, “441 Miles to Los Angeles” excitement began to flood my heart. I haven’t seen anything about California in so long. We all started singing, “California, here I come, right back where we started from, where bowers of flowers bloom in the sun…” As we sang my excitement grew even more. Then we crossed the State line. Hoorah! Many shouts of joy could be heard in our motor home. Our tires were on California asphalt at last. As I write this, it won’t be long now until we see my parents. California, here we are!


Ruthi said...

Welcome Back! Makes you want to sing, "I'll be home for Christmas." Can't wait to see you! Love,

Dave Cragoe said...

Okay, park the motorhome in front of our house. That's where we switch places.

The Meity Road Trip said...

I'm already singing it! Another good theme song for us. And Dave, that's kinda like "Trading Spaces" - just might work! Perhaps we could make a show of it, too.